Little Big Things LLC

Our goal at Little Big Things is to help companies leverage our Webflow development services so they can focus their time on their business. It is, so they don't have to learn the intricacies of building client and visitor-friendly sites, testing, and pushing them live. At Little Big Things, we break the barrier of limiting clients' needs and vision. All you have to do is reach out to us with your design, and we make sure we deliver on it. Whether it's just a regular Webflow site you need or a website with custom coding and animations, we ensure delivering on your expectations with transparency, communication, and attention to detail.

Join us on this journey where we push the boundaries of technical creativity every single day.

Veer Manhas,

Creative Director at Little Big Things

Five years ago, I inadvertently joined the no-code movement while figuring out removing the bottlenecks to push a campaign live.                        

For us, it was always time spent

  • Creating a specification document to understand what we are building.
  • Understanding the requirements.
  • Finding talented developers that were a good fit for us. (Oh, the struggle!)
  • Getting the website developed by those highly specialized developers
  • Testing and debugging.
  • Pushing the website live.

After putting in enough time, we found Webflow would be an excellent choice for a few reasons

Note: Before Webflow, the entire process of developing the website and pushing it live took almost 4x more time, essentially quadrupling our delivery period.

While working in the tech industry, I was always fascinated with fascinating websites I saw on AWWWARDS and other company sites that were just flawless and amazing. A few recent websites I love are Spotify Design, FlipaClip, Residente, and Mighty. I wanted to be at a level where I could create fantastic websites for individuals and companies like those I came across and make the entire developmental process faster and more efficient.

So finally, this is how it all began. Today at Little Big Things, we work with companies worldwide to make their vision live on Webflow by working with complementing technologies.

We have worked with YC companies, bootstrapped, and public companies.